Local Finance Studies Advanced Course
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Grade, SemesterYear 1 1st semest [Graduate School of Economics(Doctoral and Master's Degree Programs), Division of Regional Economics and Policy]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
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Course Description

This lesson is designed as the fundamental lesson for the study of finance and regional public finance. Topics that cover the knowledge and deeper thinking issues of a university student need to be aware of, such as ‘What is finance’ and ‘In modern society, what is the ideal public financial system’. In other words, in this lecture, we will reconsider and consider the role of the public sector in various real problems such as globalization, declining birthrate and aging population, budget deficit, intergovernmental financial relations, and interpersonal social services of local public finance. It is the aim. You will learn expertise in national finance, intergovernmental financial relations, and local finance, taking into account the level of students and research topics. Many international comparison methods are also used.
With the development of the internationalism, and the age problem, it is time for people to reconsider the role of the government and the public service, which is also the main focus of this lesson.
In this course, students will study about DP2.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to understand the role of finance and analyze realistic challenges from a financial perspective. Then, you can raise awareness as a resident of the area where you live, consider local financial issues from that standpoint, and seek solutions. In addition, you can improve the logical thinking that is indispensable for writing a treatise, raise problems yourself, and learn how to build a foundation for the framework of a master's thesis.

Grading Policy

Reading a textbook and Presentation (40%), Opinion and Discussion (40%), Reaction paper (20%)

Give feedback at any lesson time or by sending an email.

Textbook and Reference

References『日本財政の現代史Ⅰ 土建国家の時代 1960〜85年』(2014)井手英策 編有斐閣
References『日本財政の現代史Ⅱ バブルとその崩壊1985〜2000年』諸富徹 編有斐閣
References『日本財政の現代史Ⅲ 構造改革とその行き詰まり 2001年~』小西砂千夫 編有斐閣


Preparation:About 2 hours
・ Create a resume for reading and present questions and issues. If you do not understand a word, check it in advance.
・ Learn how to write personal computer e-mails, how to visit the lab, how to write sentences, how to write references, and so on.

Revision:About 2 hours
I usually collect information on my research subjects and themes and conduct research surveys. If you have an idea or research method that you have come up with, describe it appropriately and prepare it so that it can be used for the 15th “Individual guidance on research themes”.


・ Attendance is required every time unless otherwise specified. Absences without notice will not be accepted.
・ The plan of class content may be changed according to the situation and number of students.


2Introduction-Public Finance and Local Finance
3The full picture of the local finance(1)-Japanese local finance
4The full picture of the local finance(2)-Government relations
5The full picture of the local finance(3)-Japanese government relations
6The full picture of the local finance(4)-Reduction
7The full picture of the local finance(5)-Budget
8A summary of Part2 to Part7,Medium text
9Reading a textbook and Presentation-1:
Let's see through society through the lens of finance
10Reading a textbook and Presentation-2:
How a small government was created
11Reading a textbook and Presentation-3:
A society that becomes anxious if it does not grow
12Reading a textbook and Presentation-4:
Limitations of Japanese society relying on public investment
13Reading a textbook and Presentation-5
Education to support a flexible and rich society
14Reading a textbook and Presentation-6
Tax Pain Creates Big Society
15Summarize Discussion and Individual guidance on research themes