Social Psychology1
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Grade, SemesterYear 1 1st semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number0B151

Course Description

 Social psychology is the scientific study that seeks to understand how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by other people or social situations.
 This course is designed to provide an overview of some major themes in social psychology, such as social influence, emotion, attitude, group, consumer behavior, and culture.

Course Objectives

1. Understand basic perspectives, theories, and research findings in social psychology.
2. Apply theories and principles of social psychology to your own everyday issues or social problems.

Grading Policy

Your overall grade in this class will be decided based on the following:
 - term-end exam: 70%
 - minute paper: 30%

Textbook and Reference

TextbookNo textbook is required.
References『社会心理学 (New Liberal Arts Selection)』池田謙一・唐沢穣・工藤恵理子・村本由紀子有斐閣 (ISBN: 978-4641053755)


After each class, review the class and submit a minute paper via LMS.
In daily life, consider and examine your everyday issue or social problems from perspectives of social psychology.


This course uses LMS.
Students are expected to have sincere attitude during class.
The schedule is subject to change due to circumstances.


2social influence
3social influence on aggression and helping behavior
4unconscious and automatic processes of mind (perception, emotion)
5unconscious and automatic processes of mind (judgement, behavior)
6functions of emotions
7influence of emotions
8self in social context
9social judgement and inference
10attitudes and attitude change
11group and intergroup relations
12stereotype, prejudice, discrimination
13economics and psychology of consumer
14cultural psychology
15group discussion