Seminar Ⅰ
TeachersSONG YUStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 2 1st semest [Department of Regional Economics, Faculty of Economics]
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number8E201

Course Description

The main focus of this seminar is to understand the public financial issues in Japan. Through the investigation of the relationship among local authorities, students can develop an overview of the local public financial systems of their own cities/towns, obtain the knowledge of the local regional public financial issue, and also be able to deeper their approach on the solution plan. Seminar 1 is the same as seminar 2, which requires the students to read the relevant articles, choose the issues within their interests, and finally decide their research topic. But seminar 1 will be progressively broaden the students’ professional knowledge, upon the fundamental study approach has been established. It will be delivered by using lectures, seminar discussions and textbooks.
In this course, students will study DP1,DP2 and DP3.

Course Objectives

The main focus of this course is to bring up the students’ awareness towards public financial issues and regional financial problems, which is also aiming to build up the students’ desire of developing their study even further.

Grading Policy

Aggressiveness(50%),Lesson work and group work(50%)

Have a training camp.
Face to face talk.

Textbook and Reference



Preparation:About 1.5 hours
Read in advance the contents of the next lesson announced in the class, and write your impressions immediately after reading in the notepad.The person in charge of reading a book should prepare a resume and prepare questions to be considered and questions.

Review:About 1 hour
Make a habit of keeping a record of what you have gained from the seminar activities in a memo pad and using it as a source for the final report.


・ Every attendance is basically required. This is a big penalty, especially if the reading staff is absent.
・ Because it is a seminar format, there are deviations and corrections in the lesson plan depending on the number of people and the progress level.


About yourself, explanation of progress, how to proceed in the future (be sure to attend)
2Introduction and Discussion group work & debate
3What is ring reading?
4Read a textbook in turn
In accordance with the flow of the book, decide the person in charge, and the readers will read and understand the part in charge, create a resume, and prepare to raise the agenda. Other seminar students read the content in advance and prepare to discuss with the readers. (The same applies hereinafter)
5Read a textbook in turn
6Read a textbook in turn
7Read a textbook in turn
8Read a textbook in turn
9Brief Summary
Summary and arrangement of each
10Read a textbook in turn
11Read a textbook in turn
12Read a textbook in turn
13Preparation for seminar camp
Discussion, setting report theme
14Preparation for seminar camp
Preparation of report contents
15Creating a questionnaire survey of training camps