Exercises in Robotics1
TeachersYAMANE, Ken
Grade, SemesterYear 2 Summer(2nd [Department of Information Science Correspondence Course, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 1credit
 Syllabus Number4D203

Course Description

Each student will build an autonomous mobile robot and tackle the following tasks.
(1) Fundamental task
(2) Automated traveling task
(3) Maze task
(4) Line trace task

Course Objectives

The aim of this class is to understand intelligent automated machines. Through exercises students will build autonomous mobile robots and obtain fundamental skills and the knowledge of mechanics, electronics , and computer science.

Grading Policy

Students are evaluated based on the achievement of objectives and tasks.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookTextbooks, robot kits, tools and computers are prepared.


Students are required to pay 3,000 JPY for this lecture.



1Introduction: history of robots, etc.
2Fundamentals of robot making: checking your robot kit and setting up your software development environment
3Fundamentals of robot making: assembling a basic robot
4Fundamentals of robot making: programming and testing
5Fundamentals of robot making: running forward and turning (fundamental task)
6Basic task: programming using conditional statements (If-then-else construct)
7Basic task: utilizing an ultra-sonic sensor
8Basic task: programming for obstacle-avoided problem
9Basic task: obstacle avoidance task
10Basic task: maze task
11Advanced task: utilizing infrared sensors
12Advanced task: tuning each sensor’s position and sensitivity
13Advanced task: line trace task (course I, II)
14Advanced task: line trace task (course III, IV)