Elementary Experiments in Engineering
TeachersIKEMATA, YoshitoStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 2 2nd semest [Department of Mechanical and Precision System, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategoryBasic Major Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective Requisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number1J201

Course Description

We will conduct experiments on mechanics, thermology, optics, and electrical circuits that form the basis of machine precision engineering. After completion of the experiment, you will receive an end check by the instructor in charge and submit the report one week later. If the report does not reach the passing score, we will ask you to resubmit. A single experiment will be completed with the passing of the report.
In this lesson, you will acquire knowledge about DP 2.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this experiment subject are the following two.
1) By conducting experiments, our primary goal is to experience and deeply understand physical phenomena that can not be obtained from lectures.
2) The second goal is to be able to master future mechanical engineering experiments, laboratory techniques, and data organizing laws that form the basis of graduation research and report preparation methods.

Grading Policy

Learn how to practice actual experiments, organize data, and create reports. The results will be evaluated based on the reporting points. Being late for the class is subject to penalty points, and in principle, students are not allowed to attend if they are late for more than 20 minutes. Each time you will be required to pass the report at the end of the class.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookBasic Engineering Experiment / Physics Experiment Guidance Manual ().
Physics Division, Teikyo University School of Science and TechnologyTeikyo University School of Science and Technology


As preliminary study, please read the Basic Engineering Experiment / Physics Experiment Guidance Manual (Teikyo University School of Science and Engineering) in advance (about 1.5 hours)
Master the math necessary for understanding.
By preparing the report properly, it also helps as doing review.


Please prepare a scientific calculator, experiment notebook, A4 graph paper (grid, half log, double log), A4 size report paper by yourselves. Schedule of experiments and other communication matter will be posted on the bulletin board in front of the physical preparation roomnd also on the homepage: http://www.ase.teikyo-u.ac.jp/faculty/nakamura/
For new experiments, you may check uploaded files on the homepage. Tips for creating reports are on the homepage.


2Experiment Practice 1st
3Experiment Practice 2nd
4Experiment Practice 3rd
5Experiment Practice 4th
6Experiment Practice 5th
7Experiment Practice 6th
8Experiment Practice 7th
9Experiment Practice 8th
10Experiment Practice 9th
11Experiment Practice 10th
12Supplementary experiment
13Report final submission / grading
14Experiment reserved day (1)
15Experiment reserved day (2)