Aerodynamics of Wings
TeachersKOSHIOKA YasuhiroStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 1st semest [Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number2B212

Course Description

In this course we shall study atmospheric properties, airfoils, lift and moment acting on an airfoil, lift theory, induced drag on 3-dimensional wings, and viscosity and boundary layers.

Course Objectives

Airplanes can fly through the air by the lift that is generated by their wings. In order to generate lift effectively, wings are designed to have a cross-sectional shape (airfoil) appropriate to the desired flight speed, and ailerons and other auxiliary systems may also be used according to circumstances. In addition to understanding the principles behind the generation of lift, we must also study the lift coefficient, drag coefficient, and other key design parameters for evaluating the performance of wings. The perfect fluid theory around wings is essential for a quantitative understanding of lift. Finally, students will also learn how viscosity affects the flow around a wing.

Grading Policy

It is important to be able to explain the principle of lift generation.
It depends on your understanding of wing concepts, such as how the lift coefficient and drag coefficient that characterize the wing are related to the angle of attack and Reynolds number.
The evaluation of this course will be mainly done by the final exam (80%).
Beside the final exam, each lecture has the time to practice sample problems for promotion of understanding and will be reflected to attendance and partially to the evaluation(20%).

Textbook and Reference

TextbookTextbook: Distribute printed materials.


In addition to taking notes, read textbooks and reference materials repeatedly until you have a proper physical image. Make it clear what you do not understand, and make an effort to reduce unknown parts by using reference books and questions.
Reference books: Please read about the following books at the library.
Hiroshi Maeda, "The Wings (Yoku no Hanashi)" Yokendo Co., Ltd.
J. D. Anderson, Jr., “Fundamentals of Aerodynamics Fourth Edition”, McGraw-Hill
Ichiro Tani, "Flow Science" Iwanami Shoten (library material ID is 423.8 / Ta87.) ISBN-9784000214315
Isao Imai, "Fluid Dynamics" Iwanami Shoten, ISBN-9784000077491



1Nature of the atmosphere
2Wing cross section
3Mechanism of lift generation
4Forces and moments acting on wings, crucial dimensionless numbers
5Center of pressure and aerodynamic center
6Perfect fluid (circulation, stream function, complex velocity potential)
7Perfect fluid (basic flow, Kutta condition)
8Perfect fluid (flow around a two-dimensional object)
9Vortex free flow of perfect fluid (Kutta-Jukowsky's theorem)
10Vortex free flow of perfect fluid (conformal mapping)
11Vortex free flow of perfect fluid (asymmetric wing, vortex sheet)
12Wings and aerodynamics
13Classical thin wing theory
14Drag acting on wings (effect of viscosity, separation of boundary layer)
15Three-dimensional wing, induced drag