Quantum Systems Engineering
TeachersTANAMOTO TetsufumiStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [Master's program, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
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Course Description

An overview of the quantum computer system by studying the quantum circuits and examples of hardware. First, you will learn about quantum circuits from their components. Next, you will learn many examples of hardware currently proposed. This course is related to DP1.
This class is provided by faculty members in charge of research and development at private companies.

Course Objectives

You can understand the basics of quantum circuits. Then, by learning many hardware examples, you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of individual quantum-computing devices.

Grading Policy

Evaluation will be based on small tests and reports (50%) and results of final exams (50%).

Textbook and Reference

TextbookQuantum Computers and Quantum CommunicationsMichael Nielsen, Isaac ChangCambridge University Press; 10th Anniversary ed. edition (January 31, 2011)


Please always prepare and review for the class by using textbook (about 1.5 hour each).
The contents of the class are in accordance with the chapters and contents of the textbook.


It would be useful to have a scientific calculator.


1Review of quantum mechanics-Schrodinger equation and perturbation theory
2Quantum circuit (1) gate operation
3Quantum circuit (2) measurement process
4Quantum circuit (3) universal quantum operation
5Quantum simulation
6Conditions for a quantum computer
7Harmonic oscillator type quantum computer
8Quantum computer using photons
9Quantum computer using cavity
10Ion trap quantum computer
11Quantum computer using nuclear magnetic resonance
12Quantum computer using semiconductors
13Quantum computer using superconductivity
14Quantum noise
15Test / Summary