Automatic Control
Grade, SemesterYear 4 I/III [Department of Information Science Correspondence Course, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number4D303

Course Description

We learn behavior of dynamical systems with inputs, how their behavior is modified by feed back and mathematical tools such as Laplace transform, etc.
This course is related to DP2 and DP4

Course Objectives

(1) We will learn how to draw block diagram of dynamic system
(2) We will learn how to model continuous system
(3) We will learn how to analyze dynamic system using frequency response
(4) We will learn how to analyze stability of dynamic system

Grading Policy

Evaluation rate are Report 20 %, midterm exam 40%, final exam(40%).
All the reports should be submitted.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookText book in this course is 宇津木 諭「絵ときでわかる機械制御」(オーム社), ISBN: 978-4-274-20287-2.
We also use LMS and handouts.


Preparation for the class: 1.5 hours
Review of the class ︓ 1.5 hours


Please proceed with the study based on the materials and textbooks uploaded to the LMS.


1Introduction to Control System
2Laplace transform (1) : Laplace transform of the general time function, property of the Laplace transform, inverse Laplace transform
3Laplace transform (2) : Laplace transform and differential equation
4Transfer function and block diagram (1) : transfer function, block diagram
5Transfer function and block diagram (2) : equivalence circuit, base element
6Transfer function and block diagram (3) : first-order system, second-order system
7Time response of system : impulse response, step response
8Transient property and state characteristic of transfer function
9Feedback control and stability
10Frequency property of transfer function (1) : vector locus, Nyquist locus
11Frequency property of transfer function (2) : bode diagram
12Stability analysis (1) : nyquist stability criterion
13Stability analysis (2) : stability margin
14PID control
15Pole assignment