Environmental Economics Advanced Course
TeachersOHIRA YOSHIOStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [Graduate School of Economics(Doctoral and Master's Degree Programs), Division of Regional Economics and Policy]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
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Course Description

The economy and the environment are thought to be in a trade-off relationship. But it is important to consider how to balance them. In this class, students study the relationship between environment and economy, and study the environmental policy and the cases to make the environment and economy compatible.

Course Objectives

In this class, the objectives are to study the basic theory of environmental economics, have their own opinions about relationship between environment and economy, and be able to explain the opinions. And students acquire the skills to collect the necessary data and articles, and to make presentations.

Grading Policy

Evaluated according to the results of presentation

Textbook and Reference



Preparation and review. And preparing for reading books and research presentation.



1Guidance, self-introduction, decision of the text
2Mechanism of environmental problems
3Relationship between environment and economy
4Environmental policies and their effects
5Environmental pollution and externalities
6Internalization of external diseconomies
7Renewable resources and non-renewable resources
8Sustainable development
9Reading the books by students
10Environmental value
11Cost-benefit analysis
12Environmental impact assessment
13Global warming countermeasures
14Presentation by students