Seminar Ⅴ
TeachersSONG YUStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 4 full year [Department of Regional Economics, Faculty of Economics]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 1credit
 Syllabus Number8B401

Course Description

In your daily life, you may feel uncomfortable about things that are familiar to you and how the world should be. We will cherish them one step further and deepen them through seminar activities. We will improve the ability to find problems, analyze and survey problems, examine problems, solve problems, etc., and finally summarize it as a culmination of four years. Enjoy your own growth, turn what you have learned into abilities, and apply it to your job hunting and future life.
In this course, students will study about DP1,DP2 and DP3.

Course Objectives

This seminar will be a place where you can fully demonstrate the abilities set forth in the three diploma policies of the university, and you will be able to experience the results in a visible way, which will be the driving force for your own purpose of life, future life, and work. That is the goal.
Students can review their four years of college learning and life, think about what they can do to lead a life without regrets, and set the direction for their future lifestyle.

Grading Policy

50% of efforts in the seminar, 50% of culmination paper

We will give feedback on the content as appropriate in the seminar. We will hold personal interviews as needed.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookNot specified. We will introduce references according to your own interests. We will contact you within the seminar about reading in seminar units.


Habit learning: Adjust the time according to your personal situation.
① News learning for about 30 minutes every day
Please check the daily news information. If you have any questions in the news, first investigate and learn by yourself. You need to make a note of the Weekly News Summary so that you can report on the content.
② 1.5 hours of reading every day
Choose your favorite technical book and aim to finish reading one book a month.
③ Sentence as appropriate, 1 hour
Be sure to write down what you felt from the news, what you looked up, what you learned from reading, what you noticed, and what you think is important. Be prepared to be the material for the final compilation paper.


・ Please be sure to reply to the contact of the faculty member or the seminar leader.
・ If you wish to get a job, please report the status of your job hunting as appropriate.
・ Please keep in mind to interact with the juniors of the Song seminar, not to mention the seminar students.


1Progress explanation, free discussion, information exchange
(1) Whether or not you intend to write a graduation thesis (2) Whether or not you intend to get a job (3) Lecture attendance status (4) Feeling uncomfortable, worrisome, or wondering
2Weekly News Summary Report (in charge A) & Discussion
Watching a program
3Weekly News Summary Report (in charge B) & Discussion
How to collect information on the industry and company you want to work for
4Weekly News Summary Report (in charge C) & Discussion
What is a job? What do you work for?
5Weekly News Summary Report (in charge D) & Discussion
About group interviews and individual interviews
6Introduction of one book read (in charge A, B) & discussion
How to self-appeal
7Introduction of one book read (in charge C, D) & discussion
Information exchange on job hunting
8Exchange meeting with SONG Seminar for 2nd and 3rd year